Giving Crates

CLASSIC Giving Crate

The CLASSIC Giving Crate makes the perfect any occasion gift!

This crate includes all our bestselling classics that our customers know and love at Giving Gifts, including the best locally made food and gifts. 

The CLASSIC Giving Crate is ideal as a thank you gift and thank you for the referral gift. They also work really well as holiday gifts. They are ideal as corporate and client gifts as they are built to please a wide-range of people. They are especially perfect for foodies or anyone that appreciates local food and treats. The CLASSIC Giving Crates feature our favourite flavour pairings of Vancouver Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar.  These are beautiful, high-quality oils and vinegars that will elevate every meal. 

Giving Crates are always custom curated and we are happy to personalize them to represent your brand. They are ideal as corporate and client gifts When you place an order for a Giving Crate, you'll receive a follow-up email so we can get a few more details to make sure the Giving Crate is perfect for the person you are gifting it to. Feel free to email us at too.

All items included in our Classic Giving Crates are locally made, eco friendly and/or fair trade made. You'll receive a range of unique gifts expertly curated and presented. 

Please note that all items included in the Giving Crate may not be exactly as pictured, but we ensure that they will be equally as beautiful. 

Lower Mainland deliveries include a succulent plant. Crates that are shipped outside the Lower Mainland will include an air plant or eucalyptus.